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When it comes to Jiu-Jitsu, nothing compares to Carlson Gracie Green Valley. Not convinced? Come check us out and see for yourself!

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Carlson Gracie Green Valley

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Carlson Gracie Green Valley invites you to join our community-oriented Jiu Jitsu classes in Henderson, Nevada. We’re more than just a place to learn grappling – we’re a family rooted in helping each other grow. Martial arts equips individuals with confidence and self-defense. You’ll walk away from Carlson Gracie Green Valley with your head held high thanks to your newfound abilities.


While you may have many BJJ schools to choose from, we have no doubt that Carlson Gracie Green Valley is in a league of its own. At Carlson Gracie Green Valley, our students grow not only as martial artists but as people.

  • Family

    We build bonds that go beyond Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – we take care of each other as if we were family.
  • Safe

    Carlson Gracie Green Valley takes pride in offering safe, fun BJJ classes. We maintain the best training environment and equipment for our students.
  • Self-Defense

    Martial arts is more than a cardiovascular workout and stress reliever, it benefits students by equipping them with self-defense skills.
  • Discipline

    Jiu Jitsu classes will improve your perseverance, confidence, and character. You’ll see your full potential and become the best version of yourself!
  • Teamwork

    Our students love to uplift and educate one another to become better martial artists. Their camaraderie goes beyond grappling with each other.

Get to Know Carlson Gracie Green Valley:

About Us:

Carlson Gracie Green Valley will build your strength and BJJ knowledge from the ground up. Starting with a strong foundation is the key to success in martial arts. We’ll progress at your pace and even modify classes to emulate the feeling of a private BJJ lesson. Together we’ll adapt and accommodate to achieve your goals!

Our History:

Mike Garwood opened Carlson Gracie Green Valley in February of 2021. He has taught BJJ classes for over seven years, including a previous role at the Carlson Gracie Henderson location. With his entrepreneurial spirit, opening a Jiu Jitsu academy was always the end goal. During Mike’s training, his professor requested that he and his wife open a Carlson Gracie location in Green Valley, it was a no brainer. In a short time, the academy has already grown from zero to 105 students and counting. While Mike continues to live out his dream he remains most proud of the success of his students.